Mecalac GreenJob 12MTX

With its articulated undercarriage the Mecalac 12MTX is highly suitable for all terrains. It is also a light machine so damage to the ground driven on is kept to a minimum. The machine is so compact that damage on and around the workplace to branches and suchlike is kept to a minimum. The construction of the boom allows work behind or in front of fencing. The mowing bucketreaches to the wheels so material can be unloaded between machine and fencing.

Barely hinder to passing traffic due to the counterweight that barely protrudes. The machine only takes up half the road. The extensive selection of attachments also make the Mecalac multifunctional useful out of the season for work such as mulching and mowing. With circular saw, hedge cutter, elevating platform, wood cutter head, pallet forks, shovel bin, vibrating block, stump cutter, crash barrier mower, etc.


  • from loader to excavator
  • from pruning saw to stump chopper
  • from crash barrier mower to mowing/suction combination
  • from fork-lift truck to tower wagon
  • from side stones layer to vacuum stones layer



  • far away or close by
  • along trees or across fences
  • left or right of the machine
  • driving forwards or backwards
  • unloading in front of, behind or next to the machine
  • high or low


flail mowing:

  • square left or right
  • driving forwards or backwards
  • diagonally or straight forward
  • with discharge conveyor or lifting jack


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