Mecalac Wheel excavator loader e12

Mecalac e-series: 100%-electric machines for urban jobsites

Mecalac is offering the first 100%-electric machines, which meet the three key requirements for the urban jobsites of today and tomorrow: autonomy, performance and 360° compactness. It is a technological response inspired by people, field and constraints that are constantly evolving.

With the e-Series, Mecalac is entering a new chapter of its by granting our concepts one of its most beautiful letter patent of nobility: ‘e‘ for electric, ‘e‘ for ecosystem and ‘e‘ for emission-free.

Innovation today

Any electric machine must take up three major challenges: autonomy, performance and compactness. The Mecalac e12 is the first 100% electric 10-12t excavator with no compromise on these three requirements.

The key to the autonomy and the performance of this machine lies in in its very architecture. Installing the power source away from the turret allows for a record capacity of 188 kW.h and translates into an unrivalled autonomy of 8 hours.

Technical data
100% electric
188 kW.h capacity
8 hours’ autonomy
8 hours to charge the batteries
2 electric motors, one for the transmission and one for the implements
0 0 CO2 and particulate emissions

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