Mecalac GreenJob 15MWR

The Mecalac 15MWR is also suitable as a basis for a verge/ditch mowing machine. The mowing arm can be disassembled quickly, and when not in use for seasonal work, the machine can be deployed by agricultural contractors or for cable laying, landscaping and agriculture, earthmoving and road works. The spacious cabin provides the operator with an ergonomic workplace. Precision movement of the arm over the whole reach. With its unique weight distribution and strong climbing power the machine has excellent all-terrain manoeuvrability.

Work can be done further away or right up to the machine, also reaching over obstacles. With a high driving speed of 35 km/h (22 mph) and unimpeded view the machine can be quickly and safely transported on the public highway. The cabin with large windows always ensures a good view of obstacles and the blade of the mowing basket. The extensive sorting attachments make the Mecalac 15MWR multifunctional useful out of the season for work such as mulching and mowing.

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