Ahlmann Swing Loader AS 750

Big sister of the Ahlmann AS 600 Swing loader, the AS 750 offers even more with a 1,870 mm wheelbase for even more stability, an increased engine power to 45 kW / 61 hp and more lifting and loading capacity.

Its “P” (Parallel) bucket kinematics allows excellent precision during handling operations, particularly with pallet forks or equipped with its load hook. The stability of this machine is 100% assured: whatever is lifted by the bucket at the front, once the rear axle is locked, can be turned through 180° without any loss of steadiness. Thanks to this incredible stability in all positions and on all terrains, the Swing loader is able to radically transform the logistics of construction sites. Whatever the circumstances, it never loses its equilibrium whether moving on site, between sites or during the various work stages, maintaining its mobility while reliably and securely overcoming any obstacles with ease. Its small turning radius ensures a very high degree of manoeuvrability, even on the most confined sites.

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