Ahlmann Nederland is a member of BMWT. The BMWT is a trade organisation for importers or manufacturers of construction machines, warehouse establishments, road-building machines and transport material. The BMWT, set up on 1 March 1950, is not an employers’ organisation but mainly promotes the collective interests of the independent members operating in the technical market while offering support and advice for business operations.

  • BMWT-inspection

    Safe work material with BMWT mark
    As an employer you are responsible for the health and safety of your personnel while working with building material. Your employees must be able to blindly trust that they are working with safe shovels or excavators. This legal responsibility means you as an employer are also bound to have your work material periodically inspected.

    With experienced and expert testers we guarantee that your shovel or excavator is safe for use after inspection. You have then complied with your legal obligations as an employer, and accordingly avoid any fines from the health and safety inspectorate.

    An independent customer complaints system and the option of requesting a second opinion are further guarantees of professional inspection.

  • BMWT-Lock

    Well secured with a BMWT Lock
    Machine theft is a serious problem. The number of reports of stolen work materials is increasing on a daily basis. This is a double whammy for employers: they have lost their machine and the work ceases. Good protection saves the owner and/or contractor a great deal of inconvenience and financial damage.

    BMWT Lock was specially developed to protect work material against theft. This theft prevention system also avoids the owner being charged a heavy excess fee by his insurer.

    If a machine has a BMWT Lock, unauthorised persons cannot start or operate it. The BMWT lock not only interrupts the starting process, it also stops the hydraulic functions.

    An important property of the BMWT Lock is that certified lock companies may only fit the lock on machines they are certified for. This requirement guarantees faultless protection of the machine: the risk of damage or a failure is then reduced to zero.

    BMWT Lock is matched with the machine, whereby machine and theft prevention system comprise one integrated unit. This guarantees optimal protection against theft. The BMWT Lock is W1/W2 classified.

    One can opt for the Recognizer to increase ease of operation. Its receiver is connected to the high device on the BMWT Lock, with the transmitter in the operator’s pocket or wallet, for example. When the operator proceeds within or outside a radius of three metres from the receiver, the system is activated or deactivated respectively.

    The advantage is that the PIN code does not have to be entered every time. The system can still always be operated by entering the PIN code. One is therefore not reliant on the wearer of the recognizer.

  • BMWT-Trace

    De BMWT has developed a Track-and-Trace system that besides locating your work material and protecting it against fraud and/or theft, it monitors faults. The system can be operated remotely (for example for switching the machine on or off).

    The registration of kilometres and/or operating hours and determining the location of your work material mean BMWT Trace can also comprise an extra tool for planning purposes.

    There are three systems, each basically satisfying the TT-03/SCM requirement.

  • New Practices

    Large quantities of fuel are consumed in the construction world. This means high costs and the pollution of the environment. Operating construction machines more intelligently can save a lot of energy. We call this New Practices. Its application soon results in fuel cost savings of some 10%. For the whole sector this involves a gain of approximately 200 million euros a year.

    The gains come from the intelligent use of the necessary power, switching the machines off in good time and an intelligent approach and work planning. This requires no major investments in material, but good training and sufficient attention to performance at the company so employees are able to operate the machines more economically.