Ahlmann Nederland

Ahlmann Nederland

Ahlmann Nederland in Ammerzoden has been the exclusive importer of the unique Ahlmann swing loaders in the Netherlands and Belgium since 1974. In the course of the years the Ahlmann range has been extended and includes, besides the reputable swing loaders, telescopic swing loaders and a wide assortment of attachments. One of the distinctive products from this range is the 3-in-1-leveller.

Since 2001 Ahlmann Nederland has also been the importer of the French Mecalac multi-earth moving machines: the solution for excavation, loading, lifting, hoisting, mowing, mulching, etc. Mecalac now markets compact loaders, articulated loaders and mobile & crawler excavators including the MCR series: a unique combination of midi-excavator and skid steerer.

In Belgium, since January 1, 2022, we import Ahlmann only in Flanders. As of the same date, Ahlmann Nederland is also the official distributor in Flanders for the Mecalac machines.

  • Ahlmann Nederland

    Ahlmann Nederland is a family-run business in rural Ammerzoden, the Netherlands. A no-nonsense and dynamic company, with almost 50 years of experience in the delivery, maintenance and repair of specialist machines used in construction, paving and agricultural works alike, by contractors as well as industrial corporations.
    We build and deliver client-specific machines. Every client has their individual work needs. Together we look for the best way to fit our machines to your wishes.
    Our team is made up of highly skilled and enthusiastic professionals who love a challenge.

  • Arjan van den Oord

    The company is now headed by Arjan van den Oord.

    Apart from daily operations, Arjan’s heart lies with both the commercial and technical sides of the concern. He enjoys personal contact with our buyers in order to come to the best choice of machine possible. He equally enjoys looking at machines designed with that extra bit of thought to offer more added value. His commercial and technical passion seamlessly combine in response to the wishes of our customers, our own machines, equipment and attachments in arriving at ready-to-use solutions.

  • How it all began

    Because the Van Den Oord brothers only wanted to use the best of the best materials in their contracting firm, they explored and tried about everything there was available in their field.

    In 1971 for example, they bought the first three Ahlmann Swing Shovel Loaders at the Hannover Messe. Until that moment these machines had made no headway in the Netherlands, because the contractors did not trust the swing shovel loader.

    Several importers of repute considered them as unmarketable. The Van Den Oord brothers, however, had such good experiences with them, that they did not hide their enthusiasm.

  • Importer

    In the spring of 1973 two Germans entered the office of the Van Den Oord brothers. At a certain point they asked if they knew a good importer of the Ahlmann products in the Netherlands.

    And they did: The Van Den Oord brothers in Ammerzoden.

    The Ahlmann men didn’t much like the idea, but after lots of phone calls and visits eventually they did decide to take their chance with the Ammerzoden contractors.

    Neither party has ever had any regrets.