Multifunctional Toolcarrier TC 8

The AS 1000 is ideally suited for use as a basis for a multifunctional toolcarrier for the maintenance of verges, ditches, roads and green spaces. It is also easy to manoeuvre on unstable ground surfaces. A large working range of 6 meters from the center of the turntable. Work can be done close by, right up, high and low up to the machine or at a distance, and even over obstacles. The mowing bucket reaches up to the tyres. Fast and strong in all conditions. The machine is stable within any working range and has a low center of gravity. The unique weight distribution and wide tyres mean the TC 8 causes low ground pressure. Transport dimensions within the legal provisions.

The GreenJob TC 8 can also be supplied with a standard boom of a swing loader or a telescopic swing loader. In addition to seasonal work, the machine can for instance also be used for snow clearance when equipped with a snow blade or snow blower.

The machine‘s width of <2 metres allows for working alongside the road with minimal traffic disruption, enhancing the safety of other road users.

– Trimming hedges
– Flail mowing
– Rotary snow plowing
– Washing road signs
– Ditch mowing
– Circular sawing
– Stump cutting
– Tree shredding
– Cleaning noise barriers
– Oak processionary control
– Aerial work platform

A support wheel is mounted at the front, which gives the machine extra stability when driving on uneven paths or terrain. It prevents the machine from sinking into holes, for example when trimming hedges or windbreaks.
The support wheel is hydraulically adjustable in height.
If required, the support wheel can be replaced with a three-point linkage, which allows for other attachments to be picked up. Installating a flail mower is only one of the possibilities.

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