Ahlmann Swing Loader AZ 75e

With the exception of a few details the modern design of the AZ 75e is the same as that of the AZ 95e. Just as with the AZ 95e, the lifting and tilting cylinders are integrated in the striking monoboom.
This is a powerful and fast swing loader that has been given considerably more lifting power with ‘Booster’ technology. The slender monoboom provides plenty of room to manoeuvre between the tyres along with a considerable dumping height..

This is particularly useful when loading earth into a tipping trailer or tipper. Slabs, paving stones or bricks can be placed on the pavement with the same ease without damaging work already done. This is a swing shovel loader for horticulturists, street pavers, the rental branch, etc. The removable cabin is a standard feature of the AZ 75e.

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