Mecalac Machines

Economical, flexible, available, easy to maintain, comfortable and safe: Mecalac pursues the same goals.

  • Wheel Excavator Loader

    Mecalac products are strong, but also compact and manoeuvrable wheeled machines combining the good qualities of excavators, telescopic handlers and shovel loaders in one product concept. THIS UNIQUE COMBINATION IS WHAT MAKES THE MECALAC SO SPECIAL; Mecalac as a wheeled hydraulic excavator Because of its articulated undercarriage and unprecedented cross-country manoeuvrability and fully adjustable boom with offset system. Mecalac as an Articulated Loader and Swing Shovel Loader Because the loader bucket cannot only be brought up or below the ground level frontally, but also from the side and can always swing 360°. This means that a Mecalac can also dump and load, level and dig from the side, dump backward and - with a dump height of approx. 5 metres - has no trouble loading container lorries. Mecalac as a combination of a (rough) terrain fork-lift truck and a telescopic handler Can always rotate 360° and pick up or put down pallets while reaching over or through objects. Mecalac’s unique quick change coupling Making it possible to change loading, digging and gripping buckets, forklifts, stone grabs, crane jibs, demolishing hammers and mowing buckets from the cabin within five seconds. This makes the Mecalac unprecedentedly popular among road builders, road repairers, town services and contractors. Because Mecalacs are true all-rounders.

  • Mecalac Wheel Excavator Loader 12MTX

    Mecalac Wheel Excavator Loader 12MTX

    • Bucket capacity800 or 600 liter
    • Weight9.7 tons
    • Output 85 kW (115 hp) 460 Nm 430 Nm
    • Speed35 km/h
  • New MWR

    MWR, more than a wheeled excavator.

  • Mecalac MWR 08/08

    Mecalac MWR 08/08

  • Wheeled Excavators

    Rather than add new solutions to its existing wheeled excavator ranges, Mecalac’s designers decided to create a new concept: a combination of the rotation of a wheeled excavator and the stability of a telescopic handling vehicle. All the components in the upper carriage have been lowered as much as possible, and the shapes of the upper carriage and undercarriage have been completely redesigned around the oscillation of the wheels. The goal was to fit the upper carriage as low as possible between the wheels whilst still retaining its full rotation, essential development criteria for improving the dynamic stability of the future Mecalac excavator. With the announcement of Mecalac’s MWR range, a new standard of lifting stability and performance has been born.

  • Mecalac Wheeled Excavator 7MWR

    Mecalac Wheeled Excavator 7MWR

    • Weight6.9 / 7.3 tons
    • Output 55,4 kW (75 hp) 300 Nm
    • Speed30 km/h
  • Mecalac Wheeled Excavator 9MWR

    Mecalac Wheeled Excavator 9MWR

    • Weight7,9 / 9,0 tons
    • Output 55,4 kW (75 hp) 300 Nm
    • Speed35 km/h
  • Mecalac Wheeled Excavator 11MWR

    Mecalac Wheeled Excavator 11MWR

    • Weight10,0 / 11,0 tons
    • Output 55,4 kW (75 hp) 390 Nm
    • Speed30 km/h
  • Mecalac Wheeled Excavator 15MWR

    Mecalac Wheeled Excavator 15MWR

    • Weight13,3 / 15,5 tons
    • Output 100 kW (136 hp) 500 Nm
    • Speed35 km/h
  • Crawler Excavators

    Mecalac crawler excavators have been developed for working in the city, for example for cable laying and road-building. The combination of the compact and versatile design, simple control and comfort for the operator, both as an excavator and a crawler loader, perfectly meets the expectations of contractors and their operators. The multifunctional excavators are the result of thorough research in collaboration with the end users. With the original and unique Mecalac concept: 3-part digging boom with hydraulic offset system and quick change coupling. Equipment, cabin and control ergonomics have all undergone innovative changes patented by Mecalac. Mecalac crawler excavators have a huge lifting capacity.

  • Mecalac Crawler Excavator 6MCR

    Mecalac Crawler Excavator 6MCR

    • Bucket capacity500 or 350 liter
    • Weight5.7 tons
    • Output 55 kW (75 hp) 260 Nm
    • Speed10 km/h
  • Mecalac Crawler Excavator 8MCR

    Mecalac Crawler Excavator 8MCR

    • Bucket capacity600 or 450 liter
    • Weight7.2 tons
    • Output 55 kW (75 hp) 300 Nm
    • Speed10 km/h
  • Mecalac Crawler Excavator 10MCR

    Mecalac Crawler Excavator 10MCR

    • Bucket capacity750 or 500 liter
    • Weight9.4 tons
    • Output 74 kW (100 hp) 415 Nm
    • Speed9 km/h
  • Mecalac Crawler Excavator 714MCe

    Mecalac Crawler Excavator 714MCe

    • Bucket capacity600 liter
    • Weight13.5 tons
    • Output 90 kW (122 hp) 480 Nm
    • Speed5,5 km/h