Ahlmann attachments

The success of the (telescopic) swing, articulated and front loaders is partly determined by the range of attachments.
Ahlmann Nederland therefore offers a wide range of these attachments. The extensive range of attachments makes the Ahlmann machines even more versatile, while you can use them even more efficiently and be of better service to your customers.

Bucket with grip

We design and manufacture buckets with grip.

Ideal for transferring a load that is difficult to pick up when loose, such as trimmings, waste, manure or feed, for instance.

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Multi-purpose bucket

A multi-purpose bucket has a wide range of applications. Excavating, dosing, grabbing, scraping and levelling. Available with or without teeth.

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Bale forks

For loading, unloading or moving bales of hay or straw.

Bale forks are available in various versions and sizes in line with your needs.

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Sidestones clamp

The clamp for carrying side stones and flush side stones. Stairs, gullies, concrete elements, etc. can also be easily placed.

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Log clamp

Log clamps are available in various versions and sizes in line with your needs.

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Buckets are available with bottom blade, with teeth, with drop end, in volume version for light-weight goods, etc.

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Front-mounted backhoe

With a front-mounted backhoe you can turn your Swing Loader into an excavator.

The digging boom is an efficient tool for the contractor that has to make house service connections on a regular basis.

Backhoe buckets are available in sizes from 250 to 1,500 mm in width.

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Grave digger

Perfect for municipalities and cemetery supervisors is the specific grave-digging machine.

Excavate deep enough for three-person graves.

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Earth drill

This device is useful for example for sinking piles for fencing or play equipment. You can also quickly and efficiently create holes for small trees with the earth drill.

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Hedge clipper

For fast and effective maintenance of hedges, windbreaks and road plantations.

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Hedge Mower

The hedge mower is suitable for mowing and pruning back the woody growth of hedges and trees.
Hedge mowers are available in various widths.

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Telescopic crane

Extendable cranes (both hydraulic and mechanic or a combination of both) are a valued asset in construction. You not only increase the versatility of the machine, the hoisting range is also significantly greater. Materials can then be simply and effectively positioned higher up or further away.

These cranes are optionally supplied with approved load moment protection.

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High tip bucket

High tip buckets are available in various models. Perfect for loading tippers or tipping wagons with high side boards. The higher dumping height means objects such as hoppers or railway trucks can also be filled. The greater reach is an additional advantage.

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Practical attachment for excavating trenches for cables, pipes and drainage, for example.

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Tree spades

This tree spade is suitable for lifting various plants and small shrubs such as buxus, taxus, conifers, Christmas trees and so on.

Available with or without undercutting blade.

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Crane hook

Perfect for placing road gullies or well heads, for example. Available with rotating safety hook.

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Leveller 3-in-1

For the leveller to function optimally in both sand and rubble lanes a system has been developed that can work both forwards and backwards according to the ‘suspension’ principle, but also the ‘cheese slice’ principle. In this system the guide plate/compacting plate (also used as a bucket) provides the support needed to overcome the influence of the tyre suspension.

The great advantages of the Ahlmann leveller 3-in-1 is that it enables you to level both forwards and backwards and to let the guide/compacting plate rest.

Its substantial own weight makes the blade penetrate hard bottom tracks easier and also gives the guide plate a compacting function.

The bucket is not only intended to fill up lower areas. It is important to know that sufficient material must be in front of the blade at all times in order to achieve a good final result.

With the help of the bucket a ridge of sand can be placed at the beginning of each new path which can then be taken along.

Various functions in a single machine.

The leveller can also be equipped with an optional finishing/camber bar with which a 2.5% camber can be applied.

The 3-in-1 Ahlmann levellers can also be mounted on wheel loaders from other manufacturers.

Working width: 1.80 / 2.60 meter
Incl. lateral doors: 2.55 / 3.55 meter
Weight approx.: 940 / 1.500 kg

A detailed brochure is available.

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Mowing bucket

The piece of equipment for contracting firms and district water boards.

Arms are available in various models, with mowing bucket or flail mower.

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Manure fork with grapple

Manure fork with hydraulic grip for mucking out stables, supplying cattle feed or clearing up branches.

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Pallet fork

Forklifts make your machine usable in a wider range of activities as an extra tool at the construction site or in the yard.

The forks that can be adjusted in width are also available in different lengths.

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Skeleton bucket

Ahlmann Articulated Loaders and Swing Loaders can be used for many purposes.

Over the years a number of different types of skeleton buckets have been developed on the advice of drivers and through findings of our demonstrators.

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Have your machine equipped with a soot filter/catalyst if you want to use it in a closed space.

Easy to mount and maintain.

Fits every Ahlmann and Mecalac.

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Vibrating bucket

A hydraulic vibrating bucket can be used for work such as breaking up streets. The paving can immediately be sieved.

Because Ahlmann articulated or swing loaders with vibrating bucket can be put to work immediately on the site, transport costs are kept to a minimum and the sieved material remains at the workplace.

Vibrating buckets are available in various sizes and designs and directly fit the quick change devices on the Ahlmann machines.

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Demolishing hammer

The perfect tool for all your breaking and demolition jobs.

Breaking rock, concrete and asphalt.

The demolishing hammer can be fitted on the machine with a quick-change system. The hammer can be provided with various types of chisels.

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Snow blade

A snow blade is the answer for clearing snow from cycle paths, roads, sites, driveways or parking areas. The blades are available in different models and designs. A suitable width is available for each type of machine.

A snow blade can be coupled to the machine using a quick-change system. There are also systems with blade fixed to the pallet fork installation.

A snow blade can also be used to clear mud depending on the version and type.

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Revolving bucket

A hydraulically rotating stone drum has uses including on articulated and swing loaders. This multifunctional drum is used for sieving, washing, mixing, cleaning, sorting or separating various materials.

Hence, stone drums can be used for breaking and cleaning street material, sieving rubble and sand, clearing old churchyards, etc. Various inlay sieves are available so a variety of fractions can be sieved.

Rotating stone drums are user-friendly because of simple operation and little maintenance being required.

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Hydraulic stonegrab

The perfect tool for every roadworker. For carrying and placing stones, paving stones or side stones. Available with extension pieces, parking support and various rotators. Stone grabs have many adjustment options to be able to grab various materials.

If the grab is fitted with parallel guides, the grab arms are easier to control, grabbing is more stable and after disconnecting the grab stays upright.

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Vibratory bucket

An excavation bucket and vibrator plate in one. Besides excavating, the bucket can also be used to compact sand or soil. The vibratory bucket is also suitable for vibrating sheet piling, revetments or bank protection.

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Vacuum unit

An indispensable apparatus for laying for example industrial floor slabs. Also placing side stones is a piece of cake with this device. Vacuum units are used by both road builders and agriculturists alike. Heavy lifting work is then avoided and your workers are spared back complaints.

Ahlmann Nederland will be pleased to advise you about suitable vacuum apparatus and installing the right system on your machine.

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Crash barrier mower

The crash barrier mower is particularly suitable for verge management next to roads and motorways. This mower can mow the grass around crash barrier posts on verges and under the crash barriers themselves. Also for easy and effective removal of grass around reflector posts or traffic sign posts. It can mow around obstacles and under crash barriers with ease, automatically dodging the posts.

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With a hydraulic sweeper on your machine you can sweep all types of paving perfectly clean. The rotating brushes clear squares, roads, driveways, etc. of leaves, stones, sand, and soil in no time at all. The robust sweepers can be used in industry, by contractors and for road building. You then avoid heavy physical work with less manpower needed.

Sweepers are available with or without collector, for all Ahlmann wheel loaders.

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Light material bucket

Light material buckets for high-volume or light materials.

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Sawdust spreader

Spread sawdust in your stables the easy way: Equip your Swing Loader with a sawdust spreader. Because both the sawdust spreader and the shovel arm swing 90°, you can spread as far as approx. 8 meters.

The great advantage is that there is no need to open gates and you DON’T have to ride over grids.

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